The Wonderous Working Of The Sphincter Muscles

Urethral sphincter and its working 

The best thing about the human body is that it has its control mechanism, the body does not need an external factor to curb the over-functioning of any particular organ of the body. The functioning of the brain is controlled by the brain itself, the beating of the heart, and the growth of cells are controlled by the brain. The function of excretion in the body and the passage of urine out of the body is controlled by the means of what we know as the sphincter muscles that are situated on both sides of the urethra.

A celebrity urologist in Punjab who has assisted with a lot of kidney stone surgeries in Punjab explains “The working of the sphincter muscles is what ensures the smooth working of the urethra and the passage of urine, the major problem that occurs related to urine discharge is actually due to the loosening of the sphincter muscles which is why we may find cases of bed wetting in adults.

But did you know the sphincter muscles are not just restricted to the excretory system in the body they open and close various passages in the body; those in the gastrointestinal tract regulate the flow of food into the esophagus to the anus as well as the flow of food enzymes into the intestine. The iris sphincter regulates the constriction of the iris while the precapillary sphincters regulate the flow of blood into the capillaries.

When it comes to the excretory system there are two major sphincter muscles involved one of them is the anal sphincter and the other one is the urethral sphincter.

Let us understand the working of both the sphincter muscles in detail.

Urethral sphincter and its working 

The urethral sphincters are muscles that encircle the urethra and control the flow of urine out of the bladder, the urethral sphincters are further divided into two parts – one is the internal urethral sphincter and an external urethral sphincter, the internal urethral sphincter is involuntary while the external urethral sphincter consists of a membranous sheet of muscles that control the passage of urine in and out of the bladder.

The urethral sphincter both internal and external allows the bladder to loosen up and release urine when it comes to expelling urine out of the body.

A very popular urologist in Ludhiana explains by the means of an example “The internal sphincter muscles are located over the bladder that is involuntary in nature very much like the software of a phone, which is not in the user’s control whereas the external sphincter muscles are something that is situated outside and gives support to the urethra and also helps retain the urine without allowing untimely expulsion of urine out of the body.”

How to keep your sphincter muscles healthy?

  1. Eliminate all chances of diarrhea – Eliminating all chances of diarrhea helps to strengthen the muscles around the urinary bladder, the main reason for intestinal infection can also be the reason for the loosening of the sphincter muscles.
  2. Reduce constipation – When the stool in one’s intestine becomes hard and constipated that is when the sphincter muscles need to apply an additional effort to release the stool from the body.
  3. Exercise regularly – Exercise helps the blood reach all parts of the body equally hence it is advisable to have a walk of at least 30 minutes to maintain the same.

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