Health Issues Due To UTIs And Some Efficient Ways To Avoid Them

Discomfort Due To Urinary Tract Diseases 

Anyone would want to avoid urology problems once they know how distressing it is to suffer from them. And just in case such a condition occurs, don’t panic; instead, reach out to the Best Urologist in Punjab. Also, here are some ways you can do to prevent that horrible scenario. 


Follow These Effective Methods

In order to prevent urinary tract conditions from occurring, it is best to use tips suggested by some of the Best Urologist in Ludhiana. Well, let’s know what those methods are and how to follow them. 


  • Stay Hydrated Always

As the urinary tract deals with the flow of liquid and urine, drinking plenty of water in capacity can significantly reduce the chances of having urinary tract issues. The work of water in the urinary tract is to dilute the urine. The more well-diluted the urine is, the easier it will flow out of the bladder. And also, the urge to urinate increases. As a result, unwanted elements residing in the urinary system flush out more.


  • Drink Fruit Juices

Juices can provide essential nutrients to the body, which fights urinary tract infections efficiently. Try cranberry juice, vastly used all around the world for the prevention of UTIs. Meanwhile, experts are still trying to prove its effectiveness. Well, they don’t do any harm to the urinary system, so you better rely on them. 


  • Clean Private Parts After Urinating

After each time you urinate, make sure to clean the anus, vagina, or urethra. This way spreading of bacterial infection around the urinary tract, if any, can get significantly reduced. 


  • Empty The Bladder Immediately After Intercourse

Once you have sex with your partner, it’s good to empty the bladder soon after. This is because, after intercourse, there’s a high chance of bacterial movement from the vagina to the urethra or vice versa. So the couple must go to the washroom for urination shortly. And to increase or develop the urge, drink a few glasses of water. 


  • Often Do Kegel Exercise

Kegel exercise, also called pelvic floor muscle exercise, is beneficial for the urinary tract. This exercise trains the pelvic muscles to hold the urine in the bladder. Some people suffer from a urology condition in which the urine leaks in small amounts when the person sneezes or coughs. Those affected people must include kegel exercises in their daily routine. 


  • Wear Cloth That Fits Well

Loosen, or cotton clothes keep the pelvic area dry. Avoid wearing underwear or trousers that are too tight, as they can keep the moisture trapped inside, helping any bacteria grow faster.


  • Maintain Healthy Weight

An overweight person is more likely to have urine leakage problems. So you better reduce weight by correcting dietary habits and doing workouts regularly.


Approach A Professional

Now you are aware of how to take care of the urinary system and all the safety measures to prevent UTIs. However, in case you ever go through the symptoms of such a discomforting condition, just go for a health checkup at Khosla Stone Kidney & Surgical Centre.

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