Is Hair Transplant Costly? And What Happens After Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant: Load On Wallet?

In case you haven’t undergone a hair transplant, consider getting it as quickly as possible. This is because a hair transplant is the best and probably the last option to eliminate baldness. A few don’t get the treatment because they still need more clearance on Hair transplant Cost in Vizag. Well, hair transplant cost varies due to various factors, such as 


  • Graft Used
  • Hair Transplant Type
  • Number Of Sessions
  • Surgeon’s Expertise


Effect Of Hair Transplant

Once a man goes through the complete procedure of a hair transplant, he can suffer from a little bit of discomfort around the scalp. However, no need to be afraid of these symptoms, as experiencing them is completely normal. Also, if the person has undergone a Hair transplant in Vizag, then the procedure would be safe and effective, ensuring no side effects. 


Everything About Post Treatment

Read further and have an idea of what to expect after the hair transplant. Knowing all this information will help you have a smooth procedure and recovery.


  • Recovery

You can expect a full recovery within 10 to 15 days. During this period, the signs of hair transplant get reduced slowly and slowly. However, here are things one can do to fasten up the recovery. 


  1. Follow This Diet Plan Strictly

Try to include light food, such as dal, rice, chapati, etc. Make sure the meal doesn’t contain too many spices. Having healthy dietary habits can shorten the recovery period. You must stick to this diet as long as you don’t fully recover, and after that, you can keep the desired hairstyle.


  1. Don’t Smoke Or Consume Alcohol

Smoking or alcohol can give a boost to the side effects. And in case you have an addiction to smoking or drinking alcohol, then try your best to stay away from these, at least as long as the recovery period continues. 


  • Aftercare


  • You must know how to take good care of yourself if you want to reduce the discomfort that arises after the hair transplant procedure. Treat your head or hair using the following suggested tips.


  1. Hair Wash

Cover the transplanted area with any suitable moisturiser and leave it in this state for a few minutes, i.e., 15-30 minutes. Now you may feel the effect of scabs softening up. And once those 15-30 minutes pass, wash the head with warm water. Furthermore, use special medical shampoo and apply it gently around the transplanted area. 


  1. Take Medicines Timely

Always have your medicines on time as your doctor would prescribe. Even skipping a single one or not following the right schedule for taking medicines can end up worsening the situation.


  1. Correct Sleeping Position
    Prevent anything, such as your hands or pillow, from making contact with the transplanted area. Your clinic will provide you with a special pillow for a few days. Make sure you sleep on your back, avoiding any touch between the cushion and your head. 


Undergo Hair Transplant Here

Still, have some doubts? Well, you can get to know the complete guide by having a consultation with the doctors of Vj’s Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre.

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