Complete Guide to Know about the Roller Shutters

Residential roller shutters have become one of the Best affordable ways to enhance any residential household’s security and overall aesthetic appeal. Roller shutters have become increasingly popular past previous 10 years in many parts of London. This is no coincidence. Residential homeowners across London realize the benefits of roller shutters, and there’s no denying the substantial investment value they provide.


What are roller shutters?

Roller shutters mounted above a door or window can be rolled down to provide a shield of protection for the door or window as needed.

Roller shutters comprise aluminum slats that merge to provide a protective barrier for window openings, garage doors, and shop fonts. Place in each aluminum slat contains layers of special insulated foam designed to absorb heat in the summer and trap warm air during the winter.


How do roller shutters work?

The concept of roller shutters is simple. Roller shutters operate by rolling up or down advanced side guides fitted onto both sides of the window or door. Following the best London building design standards, access to the shutter side guides should be very few and has been specially designed to prevent intruders from attempting forced entries.


Types of roller shutter systems

There are some popular roller shutter control systems available in the London market. This includes electric motors, batteries, strap winders, and manual winders. 


With many such options, homeowners can manually or remotely operate their roller shutters based on their preferences and budget.


Electric roller Shutters

Londons opting for the electric motorized option can raise and lower their shutters by pushing a button. Electric roller shutters provide a complete shutter solution, reducing the need to wind the handle manually.


Manual roller Shutters

Manual roller shutters are just as the name state; they require a small amount of elbow grease to manage. By effective the manual handler clockwise, the window shutter will slowly recline higher and again eventually completely shut the shutter.


Benefits of Roller Shutters


Protection against household intruders

One of the key benefits of installing home roller shutters is to keep intruders and their families safe. If intruders are to attempt to effort a physical break-in, the positioning and design of the shutter would make it very difficult to hunt open.


Reduction of noise pollution

Suppose you live near airports, highways, or schools after understanding the importance of noise pollution. Roller shutters are one of the best and most effective solutions for blocking out excessive noise from local surroundings. Aluminum roller shutters are designed to reduce and control the constant noise by up to 50%.


Savings on energy and power

Energy prices are constantly advancing with no signs of stopping anytime soon. An electric or manual roller shutter may be your family’s saving grace. Industry standards state that roller shutters lower power consumption by up to 64% all year round. Insulation is offered in the winter & heat is absorbed by the shutter foam, keeping your household cool in the summer.


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