You Should Know Homeopathy Treatment For Hair Pulling Disorder

The word used in medicine for hair loss spurred on by hair pulling is trichotillomania. Constant, irrational urges to pull hair from your head, brows, or other areas of your body are characteristics of this condition. This kind of behavior is frequently classed as a behavioral disorder. Because it is linked to a strong sense of guilt and lesser value, it typically leads to seclusion or social difficulty. Although there are many other contributing elements, the condition is strongly linked to stress since it is typically triggered by a change to a more stressful environment or way of life.

Trichotillomania Symptoms

Here are some common trichotillomania symptoms are as follows:

  • Having fun with your hair, twirling it, and then pulling it
  • Reduction of tension or satisfaction from hair-pulling
  • Hair thinning
  • an unruly, side-predominant bald patch
  • Report your unsuccessful attempts to restrain your hair-pulling urge.
  • A report describing trying circumstances, such as test stress, bullying, family problems, employment stress, etc.
  • Some other bad habits, such as eating hair and biting nails, etc.

Complications of the hair-pulling problem

The following are some problems that may result from a hair-pulling disorder:

  • Repetitive hair pulling can cause long-term damage to the hair roots. This could lead to permanent baldness.
  • They may experience social isolation and depression as a result of their incapacity to control their condition and self-consciousness about how they seem.

It’s a common practice for some people to chew on broken hair, which could lead to an intestinal hairball. This might cause uncomfortable symptoms including pain and vomiting. Moreover, it could obstruct the digestive system.

How can homeopathy be used to treat the issue of hair pulling?

Homeopathy is a comprehensive method of healthcare that encourages the body’s own healing mechanisms by using greatly diluted natural chemicals. Homeopathic treatments can be designed to address the underlying causes of the hair-pulling disease based on the patient’s unique symptoms and general health.

Natrum muriaticum is one of the most frequently prescribed homeopathic treatments for the hair-pulling condition. This medicine, which is made from sodium chloride, is frequently used to address emotional imbalances like sadness, anxiety, and grief. Since stress and worry are frequently linked to hair-pulling disorder, Natrum muriaticum can aid in resolving these underlying emotional problems.

The Arsenicum album is a different homeopathic treatment that might be helpful for the hair-pulling issue. This arsenic-based treatment is frequently used to alleviate anxiety, restlessness, and compulsive tendencies. Also, it may help to address any underlying mental imbalances that might be causing the disease and reduce the urge to pull out one’s hair.


Many treatment choices can help in symptom management and improve overall health. The disorder that causes hair pulling can be uncomfortable and crippling. Homeopathy is a type of holistic therapy that helps address the underlying mental and physical imbalances that may be the condition’s cause. Although it shouldn’t be used as a substitute for conventional medical care, it can be a helpful addition to a comprehensive treatment regimen. If you’re contemplating homeopathy for a hair-pulling condition, working with an experienced homeopathic doctor in Ludhiana is essential to a safe and effective course of treatment. If you’re looking for safe therapy for trichotillomania, schedule an appointment with a homeopathic clinic in Mumbai.

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