What to Buy During Your Jaipur Sightseeing Tour?

What to Buy During Your Jaipur Sightseeing Tour?

Jaipur Sightseeing Tour

Jaipur, the pink city, is renowned for its opulent palaces and colorful bazaars. It’s the perfect place to take a sightseeing tour and pick up some wonderful souvenirs. With so much to choose from, shoppers can find everything from jewelry and clothing to spices, textiles, and handicrafts. But where should you start when it comes to shopping for Jaipur souvenirs? In this article, we will explore what items are best to buy during your Jaipur sightseeing tour. From local specialties like wooden toys or Rajasthani mirror work clothing to traditional spices, discover what treasures you can take home with you!

What is Jaipur Sightseeing?

If you’re planning a Jaipur tour package, India, one of the things you’ll want to do is go on a sightseeing tour. Jaipur is full of amazing architecture, temples, and other landmarks. Here are some tips for what to buy during your Jaipur sightseeing tour.

Souvenirs: When it comes to souvenirs, there are plenty of options in Jaipur. You can find everything from keychains and magnets to tapestries and carved statues. No matter what your budget is, you’ll be able to find something special to take home with you.

Clothing: Jaipur is also a great place to buy clothing. If you’re looking for traditional Indian garments, this is the perfect place to find them. You can also find modern clothes in Jaipur, as well as jewelry and other accessories.

Food: Of course, no trip to India would be complete without trying some of the local cuisine. Jaipur has many great restaurants that serve both traditional Indian dishes and international cuisine. Be sure to try some of the street food vendors as well – you won’t be disappointed!

Different types of Jaipur Sightseeing Tours

There are many different types of Jaipur sightseeing tours available to tourists. Some of the most popular include:

The Amber Fort Tour: This tour takes visitors to the grand Amber Fort, which is located just outside of Jaipur. The fort was built in the 16th century and is a great example of Rajput architecture. Visitors can explore the inside of the fort, which includes a number of courtyards and chambers, as well as take in the stunning views from the top of the fort walls.

The City Palace Tour: This tour takes visitors through the City Palace complex, which is located in the heart of Jaipur. The complex includes a number of courtyards, gardens, and buildings, all of which were built by different Maharajas over the years. Visitors can see some of the finest Rajasthani art and architecture on this tour.

The Hawa Mahal Tour: This tour takes visitors to Hawa Mahal, which is one of the most iconic landmarks in Jaipur. Hawa Mahal is a five-story building that was built in 1799 to allow women of the royal household to watch court proceedings while remaining hidden from view. Today, Hawa Mahal is open to visitors and offers great views over Jaipur city.

The Jantar Mantar Tour: This tour takes visitors to Jantar Mantar, an 18th-century.

What to buy during your Jaipur Sightseeing Tour?

When planning your Jaipur sightseeing tour, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, Jaipur is a very large city and the sights can be spread out. Second, you will want to budget for souvenirs and shopping. Here are a few ideas of what to buy during your Jaipur sightseeing tour:

Jewelry – Jaipur is known for its colorful and intricate jewelry. You will find a wide variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

Spices – The city is also home to many spices shops. Here you can find everything from common spices to more exotic ones.

Fabric – Jaipur is known for its beautiful fabrics. You will find a wide variety of colors and patterns to choose from.

Paintings – There are many shops selling traditional Rajasthani paintings. These make for great souvenirs or gifts.

Camel milk soap – This is a unique product that you can only find in Jaipur. Camel milk soap is said to be very good for your skin.

Where to buy during your Jaipur Sightseeing Tour?

There are a number of places where you can buy souvenirs during your Jaipur sightseeing tour. The most popular place to buy souvenirs is the Johari Bazaar, which is located in the old city. This market is known for its textiles, jewelry, and handicrafts.

Other markets that are worth visiting include the Tripolia Bazaar, which is known for its brassware and wooden toys, and the Nehru Bazaar, which specializes in Rajasthani spices and handloom fabrics. You can also find good deals on souvenirs at the government emporiums, which sell a wide variety of Rajasthani handicrafts.

How to bargain in Jaipur?

When haggling for prices in Jaipur, it is important to remember a few key points. First, start by offering a price that is about 60% of the asking price. Second, be prepared to walk away if the seller does not budge on their price. Finally, remember to have fun with the process and enjoy the bargaining!

With these tips in mind, haggling for prices in Jaipur can be a fun and exciting experience. So what are you waiting for? Start bargaining today!

Tips for haggling in Jaipur

When it comes to haggling in Jaipur, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First, remember that the seller is likely to start high, so don’t be afraid to low-ball your initial offer. Second, be prepared to walk away if you can’t reach an agreement – there are plenty of other shops and vendors selling similar items. Finally, don’t be afraid to have some fun with it – haggling is all part of the Jaipur shopping experience!


Jaipur is a city full of culture and history, so it’s no surprise that there are many unique items to buy during your sightseeing tour. From traditional jewelry and apparel to aromatic spices, Jaipur has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for a souvenir to take home or just want to treat yourself with some local specialties, the items on our list will help you make the most out of your Jaipur sightseeing experience. Choose wisely and enjoy your time in this magnificent city!

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