What Is Mouth To Lung (MTL Tank)?

The MTL or mouth-to-lung vaping style is much similar to the cigarette style draws, where you can draw the flavourful vapour into your mouth, hold it in, and then bring it down to the lungs. The MTL vape tanks facilitate this kind of vaping as these have restricted or tight airflow that lands you with a better throat hit. You will always want a strong throat hit if you are an expert vaper. For that, you need to grab an MTL Tank and a powerful, exciting flavour like Mad Blue Elf Bar that can make you highly excited.

MTL Vape Tanks:

Vape tanks for MTL vaping come with a smaller e-liquid capacity, as you do not need much e-liquid with MTL compared to direct-to-lung vaping. DTL vaping is inhaling vapours straight into the lungs, like taking in a deep breath; DTL vaping is on a higher wattage, too. MTL vape devices are more on the power-efficient side as these come with compatible coils with high resistance using lower wattage or less power. Raspberry, blueberry and blackberry exciting amalgamation make Mad Blue Elf Bar a flavour that would intrigue you to the highest.

Vaping MTL:

While it sounds like a simple question, “how do you vape MTL?” it needs to be answered.

Vaping is different from smoking for many reasons, but how you vape is also different from person to person. MTL is much similar to cigarette smoking but does come with slight differences.

Steps To Vape MTL:

  • First, take a smooth draw of vapours into your mouth, do not take sharp or short drags like on a cigarette, but longer draws are required for MTL.
  • When vapours are in your mouth, inhale them into the lungs while drawing in the air simultaneously. This is also called swallowing the vapours.
  • Now Exhale, and there you have the easy way to MTL vaping.

Reasons For Vaping In MTL Style:

For some vapers preferring MTL is only the case because they do not have any interest in blowing out massive clouds of vapours. MTL is for people looking to have nicotine delivered by somewhat of a similar activity to smoking. You can grab your favourite vape tank from your preferred vape shop to start enjoying.


It is seen that most ex-smokers vape MTL, as they often look for that unique throat hit they would get from a conventional cigarette, which is an integral part of the MTL experience. The MTL vape tanks and devices come with applications, as when you want to try out new e-juice flavours with MTL, you get the perfect sense of the flavour profiles and the throat hit. For the amazing flavours, you can try fruity combos and blackberry, blueberry and raspberries that are formed as Mad Blue Elf Bar.

Benefits Of Mouth-To-Lung Vaping:

Out of DTL and MTL vaping styles, the MTL stands out as the better option to facilitate the transition from cigarettes. As an ex-smoker, you won’t have to struggle to recognise the similar techniques of MTL.


For starters, the DTL vaping style feels bad to a user, as it makes them cough more. Inhalation of too much nicotine too quickly will likely do that. Even some former heavy smokers who vape to replicate the sensations of a high nicotine fix will also begin to choke if the concentration is too high in the DTL vaping


Heavy smokers typically start 12mg e-liquids, then gradually work towards zero nicotine intakes. On the other hand, social smokers are recommended to start with a 6mg e-liquid. For these reasons, beginner vapers can start with mouth-to-lung style with powerful MTL vape tanks using nic salts. The nic salt e-liquids have risen in popularity in the vaping industry for the past few years, putting freebase nicotine juice to one side. With aromatic vape flavours like Elf Bar Flavours, you can enjoy pristine results to grab the most out of your vape.


With larger amounts of nicotine which are easier to absorb due to benzoic affixed, with MTL devices, you get to have your nicotine fixes for reducing the frequency of your vaping. All in all, this is a powerful incentive for chain smokers to quit smoking for good.

Concluding Remarks:

Hopefully, this information is helpful to you in deciding whether you want to choose MTL vaping style or DTL. If you are looking for a kit that provides a smoking-like experience, such as a strong throat hit, you should go for MTL kits.


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