Tips to Boost Business During Festival Season

Boost Business During Festival Season

The festival season is when people shop for gifts; it’s a time when they love to give and receive gifts. In this way, they offer a great opportunity for running sales promotion campaigns. Your footfall will increase, your sales will spike, and you’ll create a buzz if you do it right. These ideas may be helpful to you:

Prepare the Calendar

Make sure every holiday is listed on the calendar and a reminder is sent. Festivals abound in India, and every festival should be marked with activities to boost sales. Getting online and promoting your products in time will help you prepare seasonal content for your products. As well as sharing the plan with your team, you can also ask for their opinion on what they think of the plan. You and your team will be better prepared for the festive season if you prepare a festival social media calendar in advance. It is now up to you to decide what you want to do next. Take advantage of the opportunities that are available by planning ahead.

Loyalty programs offer extra benefits

Those who buy from you a lot should be given more. It would be very pleasing to your customers if you increased the 3.5% to 5% discount on all purchases during Valentine’s Week or if you added points worth 10% of their purchase.

Goodies to celebrate

There is no doubt that you will be decorating your store in the near future. As well as the festoons and hangings, there are also goodies available, especially for the season, which are specially designed for the occasion. For example, if you have heart-shaped bags in your store with ribbons attached to them for Valentine’s Day, your customers are probably going to keep these bags around and maybe even carry them around with them. A greater amount of visibility will be given to your name. During the festive season, you may offer to wrap gifts for free if you don’t provide this service normally. If you would like to give your clients nice gift wrapping, you can do so with ribbons and laces.

Taking part in the festival in the store

Making your customers feel festive will encourage them to stay longer. Valentine Week, for example, could feature a Cupid-themed welcome. The exit/billing counter can be decorated with a large board where customers can draw/write their favorite love quotes. Create a positive feeling for them. There will be no end to their visits.

It happened once during Holi at McDonald’s. Visitors could leave their handprints with their favorite color, get a picture with their artwork, and then wash off the colors easily making a happy customer.

Gift cards can be given to customers

Giving Diwali gift cards is a wonderful way to show your loved ones you care. Your friends and family will love the Special Diwali wishes with gift cards you give them. The benefit of Diwali gift cards is that they can pick their own present, whether for the home, something for the wardrobe, or something that they enjoy.

Make your customers feel special

You should try to give something away to every customer who comes into your store. A small heart-shaped soft toy, perhaps with a short word written on it, or even a gift card with endearing words on it could make the perfect gift. I would really appreciate it if you could be able to provide me with a customized card. As a gift idea for purchases that exceed a certain amount, you may think of ideas such as a movie ticket, a dine-out coupon, a book voucher, etc. Do make your customers feel special by surprising them!

Make your offers known before the season begins

Make sure your customers know about the special offers through SMS, emails, store announcements, posters, etc. As long as they have some knowledge about what they can expect, they might just decide to drop in for a look around. Using some of the tips that we have mentioned above, you can surprise them at that time.

Managing foot traffic

Shopping sprees during the holiday season resulted in an increase in foot traffic. It is possible to lose huge sales as a result of poorly managed crowds. When there is a long queue at the billing counter or trial room, many customers leave. Be prepared for D-day with action plans.  Thanks for reading this want to read more articles related to games and dust 2 fast Xbox smoke just visit the link. 

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