How to Update AirPods, AirPods Pro and AirPods Max Firmware

Systems with support for legacy ports such as floppy, serial , and parallel use a separate BIOS settings menu for configuration. Do not enable these ports unless you use them. The Main/Standard Features/Settings menus (refer to Figures 2-3 and 2-4) frequently report system features and sometimes also configure the system’s date and time. To access other settings, use arrow keys or your mouse to highlight the appropriate icon or text menu. With many recent systems, you can select Optimal or Setup defaults, save your changes, and then exit; the system will then work acceptably.

  • Even when the first boot drive is set up as CD/DVD, some discs will prompt the user to press a key to boot from the CD/DVD drive when a bootable disc is found.
  • If your motherboard only has two pins, the jumper will most likely be attached to one pin.
  • Luminaires should be ON or should be able to be turned ON by entering the space and triggering the motion sensor or by turned ON using a dimmer.
  • On 5 March 2013, the FreeBSD Foundation awarded a grant to a developer seeking to add UEFI support to the FreeBSD kernel and bootloader.

Navigate to the recovery menu and select ‘Restart now’ under the Advanced Startup as shown in the below screenshot. All you had to do was press a special key right after you pressed the power button and you’d be taken directly to the “BIOS Settings” screen. In Windows 7 and earlier versions of Windows it was easy to access a PC’s BIOS settings. UEFI runs in 32bit or 64bit mode, whereas BIOS runs in 16bit mode. So UEFI is able to provide a GUI as opposed to BIOS which allows navigation only using the keyboard.

So let’s see here how to check AirPods update and install the latest one. The AirPods have to be in the charging case. The charging case should be connected to power output .

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Some use Qi-compatible wireless chargers, while others use lightning cables. Either way, ensure your AirPods Pro is connected to some power source. If the AirPods Pro disconnects or powers out during the update, the process might be interrupted, and you will have to start over.

Do not turn off the transmitter until the update is complete. On the receiver, Press menu while holding the enter button to access the advanced menu. Use the menu button to navigate to the update menu. Now you know all about the recommended practices to update your CBS250 or CBS350 switch from version 3.1 to version 3.2. In this article you will learn about the recommended practices when upgrading the firmware of a CBS250 or CBS350 from version 3.1 to version 3.2.


For my Netgear router I have an iPhone app that has a button to update the router, but it has never worked, and neither has the router’s “automatic” update feature. I have to download the update file to my computer, then connect the computer to the router with a cable to install it. When your modem and router are combined, your internet service provider is responsible for updating your device.

UEFI History: Evolution from EFI

If you don’t see it, click the Advanced tab and click it. You’ll see the list of PC settings, including the UEFI Firmware settings. Click the button and click OK to save the changes. Once you’ve accessed the UEFI settings, you can use the shortcut to boot to the UEFI shortcut to access the UEFI firmware settings.

Use a non-conductive screwdriver to remove the CMOS battery. Turn off your computer and remove all the peripheral devices. Then you can execute this boot to UEFI shortcut to access the UEFI Firmware Settings. Click on the Advanced button and then check the box next to Run as administrator. If you don’t know how to bypass Windows 10 Fast Startup, you can follow the steps below. When overclocking, you increase the clock speed and simultaneously increase its voltage.

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