How to Make Money on OnlyFans Without Showing Your Face?

make money on onlyfans

Onlyfans has emerged as a very famous and widely used platform and if you wish to join this platform without revealing your identity then this is the right place for you to learn about it. 

In this guide, we will be knowing about how to make money on onlyfans without showing your face so that people like you can easily use onlyfans and make money using them where you do not even need to show your face. 

Is Making Content and Earning Money Without Showing Face Onlyfans Allowed?

Are you wondering if you can be a creator on only fans without revealing your face then the answer is yes, as there is no rule against it. However, creators who show their face have a higher number of subscribers so if you are still planning to hide your face then you must be creative with your content. 

So, let us get started to know how you could be creative as well without even revealing your face. 

Ways for Creating Content on Onlyfans by Hiding Your Face 

The first thing you must do to be anonymous on the platform is to use a fake name, while you create an account, using your real name might somehow reveal your identity so being creative you can opt for some nice and attractive attire that brings more subscribers to your account. 

For setting up your profile, you would also need a picture and a description to add and while doing so, you must be careful that you do not use anything which might lead to your recognition.

For how to make 10k a month on onlyfans you should create content that includes you as well, but since you are doing it anonymously you should hide your face as well as any scar you have, tattoos on your body, or any visible birthmarks. 

You need to do this because if there is someone who knows you then they might be able to recognize you through these marks. Besides this, you also need to pay attention to the surrounding you are using and should ensure that it is not a familiar place. 

The next thing you could do is to create a separate email account for your onlyfans, and you can use this email for all further purposes or needs of only fans. 

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Enable the Feature of Geo-Blocking

The next feature you could use is geo-blocking, which will help you in hiding your location along with which will also help you in selecting the countries and areas where you want to be found. A lot of people search how to find someone on onlyfans question, so enabling this feature is can be a good decision.

You can enable the feature of geo-blocking by moving to the security option and then you should tap on geo-blocking and add the countries you want and save the changes. 

Use Makse, Voice Changer, and Props

The next in the list of creative ways to make money on onlyfans is to use a voice changer, if you are speaking something in your video then you need to use the voice changer so that nobody could recognize your voice. 

You could hide your face with the help of a mask or some other props which will save you time blurring or editing the videos or pictures, not only this but using a prop might add something unique to your content. By using a mask you would not even need to worry about the angles of your photos. 

If you are not showing your face then you should select a body part on which you will be focusing and the camera should also focus on your body and not on your hidden face.

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