Effortless Financial Planning: DIB Loan Calculator for Easy Loan Estimates         

DIB Loan Calculator

Taking a loan is not easier because proper effortless financial planning is tough. But, Dubai Islamic Bank is with amazing facilities for providing great loan services. With its loan calculator, the calculation of total easy loan estimates becomes easier. Moreover, the Emirates Loan gives you all information about loans, with tenure and monthly repayments.

How does the DIB loan calculator work?

In particular, it helps you in deciding the right loan for your needs. Its working process is easier. The Dib Loan Calculator is available on the original website of the DIB. When you open the website, you will see the option of categories. There, you will see the Loan Calculator. On this calculating tool, there is the presence of different blanks. All of these blanks have to fill, and then the screen shows clear results.

The steps are easier to follow. Firstly, choose the type which you want among numerous loans. Secondly, add the exact amount and lastly select the tenure. Then, the calculator does all the processes automatically. It tells how much you will pay in every installment. In addition, it also mentions the total months for repayments. The main motive of this tool is to provide a customer with complete satisfaction of knowing about the loan’s procedure.

Characteristics of Traits of Dubai Islamic Bank

The Dubai Islamic Bank has good characteristics that make this bank unique and popular. Its calculator gives instant accurate results. Due to all of its characteristics and easy way of getting loans, you should apply and enjoy the uncomplicated process.


Its higher point is that it follows Islamic laws. The motive behind its establishment is to offer finance accordingly to Islamic rules. You will get immediate help in all matters including emirates loans. Never feel any hesitation in asking for any service.

Lowest rates

In contrast to all other banks, the DIB Loan Calculator works according to Islamic Sharia so the interest rate is affordable and too lower. People who want pure Sharia-based loans choose DIB to get a debit as per their needs.

Expats relaxation

Not all banks satisfy the feeling of expats. But, in Dubai, the expats are in a larger population. And, this bank’s aim is to provide a satisfying living to all expats. Thereby, they enjoy the loan services at the lowest rate. They also have a choice of personal loans. Usually, the expats are job holders and do not earn a higher salary. Thus, high-interest rates are not suitable for them. This is the reason expats choose this bank’s services.

Flexible tenure

The flexible tenure is an outstanding feature. The flexible time duration is preferable because it gives relaxation to borrowers. They will select the months for repayments according to their financial easiness. In this way, they will easily manage all their living expenses.

Amount of loan

All types of loans are in different amounts. The residents can apply for four million and two million AED for personal loans. For business purposes, the debt is not similar. The best way is to collect all the information and then use a calculator to estimate the whole scenario of debt such as EMI. Besides its website, all data of DIB is also available on FaceBook pages.

Criteria for all citizens

The criteria for minimum earnings are essential. If you have a salary of a minimum of three thousand AED, you can apply for loans in DIB. In case, if it is lesser than 3000 AED, the bank will never give you approval. Other criteria include age, essential documents, etc.

Online services of DIB

All DIB services are very effective. These services are with lower interest rates. The online procedure for submitting an application is in two ways. For the first method, go to the DIB’s original website. The website’s page is with all the information on how to apply. Simply fill out the form and attach the specific documents.

Another method is to use the DIB mobile app. On any Android mobile, you can download it. It is available on all software. Sitting in your home, apply for a loan directly through the app according to your finance demand. The specialty of Emirates Loan is to offer you different services of loans online. So, you will not invest much time in it.

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