Discover the beauty of Srinagar, Gulmarg and Sonmarg with Kashmir trip

Kashmir trip

Kashmir and its places are so gorgeous in their own way of natural beauty. You will find scenic mountains, glaciers, lakes, rivers and gardens here. It is the land of superior beauty of nature. The places of Kashmir also has many things and sights to enjoy and explore. There are many travel agencies that can provide you comfy deals to visit here. You can get your Vadodara to Kashmir tour package with these tour firms. Their deals will be in your budget price. Moreover, these reliable deals for Kashmir trip has many things to offer.

Srinagar, the crown of Kashmir

Srinagar city is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir and heaven on earth. It is on the banks of Jhelum river and known for houseboats and rowboats. This city is split into two parts by the Jhelum river. The famous attraction of the city are Dal lake and Nigeen lake.

You can use Shikaras to see the attractions like floating markets on Dal lake. Moreover, you will find very frank group of people who live on lake. You will also find many boats that offer unique, pretty and comfy stays.

Things to enjoy in Srinagar

There are many things to do and number of places to visit in Srinagar. These things attracts many tourists throughout the year. You can stays in houseboats and ride in the Shilkaras here. Moreover, you will find many Trekking routes to wander in the woods here.

There are also many garden where you can visit. The each and every garden of this city has pretty flowers and fountains. The Srinagar city also has many shrines, museums and temples to visit. The Kashmiri food is also a must try thing here.

Gulmarg, meadows of flowers

Gulmarg is a gorgeous place around 2700 meters above the sea level. It is also a Skiing site and delight for thrill lovers. This city is a crowning glory of the state in Pir Panjal ranges of Kashmir. It is fenced by snow clad Himalayas, large spread flowers and deep valleys.

You will also find the second highest Gondola ride of the world here. Gulmarg is one of the top sights to visit for couples and with friends both. Moreover, this town has become a thrill hub and offers training for snow sports.

Thrills that Gulmarg offers

Gulmarg is a heaven like place with mountains, lakes, scenic sights and meadows. You will also find many things to do here to add in your memory. It is an ideal place for couples and vacation with family and friends. You will feel like you seeing a slice of heaven when you are here.

This town offers Gondola rides, Skiing and many snow sports to indulge in. Moreover, you can visit Gold course here or pick fresh strawberries from the woods. You can also go for Trekking and enjoy view from Apharwat peak.

Sonmarg, meadows of gold

Sonmarg means meadows of gold and a scenic hill station in Kashmir. It is approx 80 kms from the Srinagar with a height of around 2700 meters. The town is famous for snow covered fields, serene lakes and majestic glaciers. It is a high altitude place and home to three famous rivers.

These Lidder, Sind and Neelum rivers are also very scenic to witness. Moreover, the famous Kolhoi and Machoi glaciers gives rise to these rivers of Kashmir. This town is also a base camp for many Trekking routes.

Best things to do in Sonmarg

Sonmarg town also offers many sights to explore and things to enjoy. You can visit the famous Thajiwas glaciers. It is around 2 kms from the Sonmarg town. This glacier is the most scenic beauty which is around 3000 meters above sea level. You will also find this glacier covered in snow throughout the year.

This glacier is an ideal place for Trekking and Camping. Moreover, you can visit Batlal valley which is very scenic. You will also find budget friendly tents to stay here. The Nichinai pass and Satsaran pass offers very pretty views.

Conclusion for Kashmir trip

There are no limits of things to do in Kashmir valley. You will also find many scenic sights, lakes, glaciers and large spread of greenery here. The above voiced are the top things that you can enjoy and experience in Kashmir.

Moreover, these places like Srinagar, Gulmarg and Sonmarg offer surreal beauty of nature. You must visit these places for sure while on Kashmir trip.

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