What are the Disadvantages of swimming – Especially practical inconveniency.

Disadvantages of swimming

Is a swimming blog really the best place to start reading about the downsides of swimming? I will do my best to write an objective piece. Because even though I spend a lot of time in the water, I also see quite a few disadvantages (and I also checked with some friends who really don’t like swimming).
So here it comes… An article on the downsides of swimming with Lifeguard Course.

Disadvantages of Swimming

1: Swimming pool opening hours

If you ask me, absolutely number one. The obstruction of the opening hours. Running or cycling? It’s all possible at a time that suits you. Swimming (especially in a pool), on the other hand, is not. Some pools have extended opening hours when it comes to lap swimming, others (particularly the smaller) pools have very limited opening hours for lap swimming with Lifeguard Course.

And then we haven’t even mentioned the crowds that sometimes prevail in swimming pools.

That sometimes makes swimming a bit more difficult to plan around the rest of the activities in your life. For example, on Thursday evenings I only train at 9 pm. So as soon as the children go to bed, I’m still ‘waiting’ for a long time until I can go swimming. Fortunately, I have self-discipline, but it is certainly not ideal.
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2: Chlorine perfume

If you swim a lot, it’s best to embrace the chlorine smell as your new perfume. No matter how much I scrub or wash, it doesn’t seem to help much after swimming. Yet more and more swimming pools with salt electrolysis. Then you have a lot less trouble with that. Until then, we’ll just embrace the chlorine smell.

3: change clothes

First, wait for the opening times, then drive to the swimming pool. And then get dressed. There are naturally faster ways to play a sport. And changing clothes is not always fun (especially in winter). Fortunately, it is not really cold in most swimming pools and the changing rooms, so that is not too bad. The small cubicles may be a drawback for some. But the common areas are usually fine.
Even after swimming, changing clothes can be a bit inconvenient. No matter how well you dry yourself, it will always remain a bit sticky and clammy.
Ideal? No, not really.
There are, however, solutions for changing clothes if there is only a common area where you do not feel comfortable. Or for changing after open water swimming, the changing poncho: Changing Poncho – meet the Mermaid Cloak

4: Comfortable in swimwear

Some people suffer from it more than others. But not everyone feels equally comfortable in swimwear. That can be a reason not to want to swim. And all I can say is, find a sport that suits you. If you really don’t feel comfortable, just don’t. After all, it’s a hobby.
Are you still in doubt? Then just go and have a look. You will see that no one is surprised.
By the way, are you going to start? Then I can really recommend the swimwear in the Decathlon range. They have a very wide range for a good price, from bathing suits, and bikinis to corrective. From own brand to top brands such as arena & speedo. Go to Decathlon swimwear range with Lifeguard Course.

5: Shaving

Am I the only one who finds this a disadvantage…. Or am I not allowed to write that? In the winter I am a little less precise in shaving than in the summer. But since I’ve been swimming, that kite doesn’t fly anymore…. Enough about this. It goes without saying.

Conclusion, go ahead and try it

Every disadvantage has its advantage. And, of course, swimming has a few, mostly impractical, drawbacks. But it also has many advantages. Shall I briefly list a few? Just to maybe convince you to give it a try?

Swimming benefits

  • Less chance of injuries (due to the weightlessness in the water)
  • Full body workout. With lap swimming, you use your entire body. So it is very strenuous. You burn a lot of calories. And we all secretly like that.
  • It’s relaxing. Being in the water is relaxing for many people.
  • Short but sweet.
  • See you in the pool with Lifeguard Course.

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