Crazybulk review: to try or to avoid?

I regularly receive e-mails from brands that offer me to test their equipment or food supplements. I rarely respond positively to this type of solicitude, but when I received a message from the Crazyulk team, I accepted… I’ve been wondering about the effectiveness of xenos for a while now. -androgens, and it was a good opportunity. Legal steroids for sale online Crazybulk is the world leader in xeno-androgen products.

I specify that this is not a sponsored post and I warned them in our exchanges by email that I would give my true opinion, whether positive or negative. They still sent me 3 of their products:

  • D-Bal (alternative to Dianabol)
  • Testo Max (alternative to testo)
  • Trenorol(alternative to Trenbolone)

I tested the first 2 myself and passed the Trenorol to a client I had discussed it with and was interested in testing., a trusted site?

They became known mainly for their alternatives to steroids, but now offer a wider range of products such as whey, creatine or a pre-workout.

The brand is very well known in the United States or in England but less known in France I believe. Some of you may wonder if the site is safe (I count more internet scams with steroid sites), and yes no problem. The company is based in the UK, and they have been in business for many years.

Update: people around me have purchased from Crazybulk and received their order without worries, no problems!

I would add that these are legal products, so there is no risk of them being detained by customs as often happens with classic doping products, the sale of which is prohibited in France.

Xenoandrogens VS anabolic steroids

For those who are used to reading me on the blog, you know that I am against any form of doping product and that I advocate natural bodybuilding. I respect those who take products but personally I do not train them and I strongly recommend that my students avoid them.

I will not go back here on all the dangers of steroids, you certainly already know them and otherwise you can find all the information by searching the Internet. For me, health comes first.

With xeno-androgens, a natural alternative to steroids, you do not take much more risk for your health than with other classic dietary supplements such as creatine or BCAAs. There may be some inconvenience (there are still few reliable studies on it to draw real conclusions), but a priori you will not be in great danger. You can find the list of all ingredients of Crazybulk products.

From there, the question is does it work? If we could find products with effects similar to those of steroids, that would be great… No?


Crazybulk: how effective?

No one believes for a single second that we will swell like with steroids and anabolics, and indeed this is not the case You will not see results after a week and you will not either swell beyond your natural limits. Otherwise all bodybuilders would have stopped injections a long time ago ���

Nevertheless, whether it was Jérôme, my student who took Trenorol or me, we both felt a positive effect on our training sessions. To be honest, I was surprised myself because I was leaving rather skeptical, but from the end of the 1st week I had the impression of being less tired and a gain in strength which was noted in my performance. . I passed a bench press bar that I had been stuck on for months.

There may be a little placebo effect but I don’t think it’s that. I have 3 friends who have since tested Crazybulk products as well and two of them have also seen improvement. The 3rd on the other hand did not really see any gains (for information he had taken Anvarol, the one which reproduces the effects of Anavar).

My opinion on Crazybulk

You will understand, despite my doubts at first I still wanted to test xeno-androgens and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised by their effects. I had been looking at the forum reviews but you never really know if they are true or if it is the brands that publish false comments to give themselves a better image. And it’s always better to make up your own mind Steroids For Sale

From now on when someone around me tells me they want to try steroids, I will refer them to Crazybulk first. I think it’s a good compromise between basic supplements like whey and doping products. A healthy way to boost your performance without taking too many health risks

They have a wide range of products. In addition to those I received, I spotted clenbutrol -alternative to clenbuterol as you will have understood-, Winsol, HGH X2, Gynectrol, etc.

On the other hand, I don’t think I would recommend their new range of supplements (whey, creatine…), which lack information on traceability for me.

PS: I asked them if they had a promo code, you can enter SALE20 at the time of your purchase to get -20%.

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