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Who doesn’t want beautiful lips! We all want our lips to look beautiful but truth be told very few of us take proper care of our lips. Rather, some of us do not even pay attention to the problem of lips. This is the reason that if the problems related to the lips increase, then it takes some time to recover. But by taking care of some important things, we can not only cure the problems related to the lips, but can also enhance the beauty of our lips in everyday life and the day will not be far when people coming and going will say wow How beautiful!

Common Lip Problems and Their Causes

People usually have problems like lip dryness, cracking, pain, numbness, blistering and swelling, which come under common lip problems. If there is also pain in the lips, it may feel sharp, burning or aching. There are many causes of lip symptoms; They range from mild to severe. The timing of lip symptoms varies widely, and depends on a number of factors. Symptoms caused by an allergic reaction or injury often begin suddenly, whereas symptoms caused by an illness may develop over time and recur.

Lip soreness can also be caused by an injury, such as biting your lip or burning yourself from eating hot food. Sometimes, anemia or infection with the herpes simplex virus can also cause chapped and blemishes lip. Even a common infection can cause lip symptoms. Cold and dry weather, infection, nutritional deficiencies or adverse effects of medication can also cause chapped lips.

A rare but potentially life-threatening cause of lip symptoms is cancer. But most lip symptoms are not a sign of a serious condition and don’t take much trouble to fix. They become dry due to drinking less water, not taking the right diet, crust starts forming on them and sometimes bleeding starts. Very few of us would know that lips do not have pores and hence they require proper nutrition and hydration separately.

Following are the common lip problems and their causes:

1. Chapped Lips – Chapping

Chapped lips are usually caused by salivation, licking of lips, spicy pungent food and cold, dry weather. With the arrival of winter, most of us have to face chapped lips, which along with being dry, start exfoliating the skin layer of the lips and sometimes become inflamed. These sometimes become red and scaly. Sometimes blood also starts coming out from the lips and due to pain, the condition becomes worse. Chapped lips, also known as cheilitis, are a very common condition and are usually caused by cold, dry weather. For its treatment, we need to keep our lips completely hydrated.

2. Splitting

Since our lips are made of soft and delicate skin, they can easily crack and split under certain conditions. Although it can be painful and bleed, it is not considered a serious problem. But this problem can be annoying, so it is important to understand and fix split lips. Chapped lips, injuries, dehydration, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, allergies, and exposure to sunlight are some of the causes of chapped lips. To cure this, we need to drink plenty of water and avoid licking our lips.

3. Lipstick Bleeding

You put on nude lipstick color but it starts coming off your lips! Obviously, you would feel a little embarrassed. No one wants to have to touch up the layer of their nude lipstick color over and over again, it’s quite uncomfortable too. For this, first, apply an invisible lip liner and then concealer so that a colored canvas is prepared under your nude lipstick color and it will also act as a primer. Only after this, starting from the middle of the lips, start applying nude lipstick color and after completion, place the tissue paper lightly on the lips and blot from above by tapping translucent powder. This sets the nude lipstick color well on the lips.

4. Cold Sores

Cold sores are red fluid-filled blisters that develop on the lips near the mouth. These usually form in patches. Cold sores can last for two weeks or more.

A common virus called herpes simplex is the cause of cold sores. It can be spread by coming close to someone, especially by kissing. Even when they are not visible, they are still contagious and can spread. Mouth ulcers can increase due to problems like fever, cold, sunlight, stress, and eczema. It is necessary to go to the doctor to cure it, you can use petroleum jelly for some relief. Some ointments and creams can also be effective, but it is better to use them only after consulting a doctor.

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10 Simple and Effective Lip Care Tips

By taking care of your lips, you can get rid of all the above-mentioned problems. There is no need to do anything separately for this, but there is a need to adopt some good habits in our everyday life.

1. Do Not Touch Or Lick Your Lips

People often lick their lips to relieve the dryness of their lips, but saliva makes the condition worse. If you find your lips dry, then it is better to apply lip balm immediately.

2. Follow Healthy Diet Plan

If you want beautiful pink lips, then you should improve your diet, and include such things in your food, so that the beauty of your lips remains intact. The intake of vitamins A, C and B2 plays an important role in this. You can get beautiful pink lips by including lemon, ripe papaya, tomatoes, carrots, green leafy vegetables, oats, and almonds in your daily diet.

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3. Stay Hydrated By Drinking Lots Of Water

Water is very important for our whole body, be it lips or any part of the body. By drinking plenty of water, our body remains hydrated and redness remains on the lips, the lips do not turn black.

4. Remove Makeup

You got ready early in the morning and went out. When you come back home in the evening, you feel so tired that you do not even have the courage to remove the makeup from your face. While it should be that as soon as you come home, you should first remove the makeup off your face with a good makeup remover. While removing makeup, it is also good to remove lipstick or lip gloss on the lips.

5. Keep Your Lips Hydrated Over Night

Lips do not have oil glands, so they require separate moisture. Also, our skin restores and repairs itself at night, so it is important that we sleep with a good quality lip balm on our lips while sleeping at night.

6. Massage Your Lips

By massaging the lips, the blood circulation there will increase and the color of the lips will improve. For this, you can use petroleum jelly, beeswax or any product containing paraffin. It also locks the moisture in the lips while massaging.

7. Scrub Your Lips

Before applying lip balm on the lips at night, the lips should be exfoliated i.e. rubbed. You can use a little sugar to exfoliate the lips, mix it in cream and rub it gently on the lips, dead skin will automatically come out. Or you can do this by adding sugar to petroleum jelly as well.

8. Always Carry A Lip Balm

Carry a lip balm in your bag whenever you step out of the house. The advantage of this would be that whenever your lips feel dry, you can apply it. In this way the moisture of your lips will not disappear, but will always remain which is essential for beautiful lips.

9. Pink Lips With Rose Petals

You can also take the help of rose petals to get pink lips. For this, crush some rose petals and add some honey to it. If you have pigmented lips, a little milk powder can also be added to it. Keep it on your lips for 10-15 minutes and then clean it with cotton.

10. Use Of Aloe Vera

If you have Aloe Vera at home, there is nothing better than to take care of your lips! Gently massage your lips with fresh Aloe Vera. This will remove dead skin and Vitamin E present in Aloe Vera will help in hydrating the lips.

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