Are Custom Display Trays Perfect for Your Business?

custom display trays

The commercial packaging industry is pretty widespread. There are several ways to increase the value of your product. However, the type of your business highly influences your packaging approach. Today, we are going to discuss the popular packaging type custom display trays and whether it can be beneficial for your business or not. 

Read on to learn whether the tray boxes can prove as a revenue-generating decision for you or if it’ll result in some undesirable consequences. We will ask you a few questions to clarify this confusion. Before moving toward our main point, let’s briefly overview this packaging style. 

What Are Auto Bottom Boxes with Display?

The custom auto bottom tray boxes wholesale are cartons offering ultimate convenience through their pre-glued bottoms. You don’t need any labor to make these boxes ready to use. The bottom closure locks tightly as you expand the box. This type of closure secures the box entirely without applying glue. 

You can simultaneously save the glue and labor costs on your packaging budget. This type of box looks good when you display it on a shelf. It sits on it quickly and also saves considerable space. You won’t have to face storage issues again. 

If you choose any packaging style other than tray boxes, you will waste a lot of time assembling and filling them. The auto bottom boxes with display offer ultra-convenience in performing both things. 

It doesn’t matter whether you use hand or machinery for this purpose; the results will be equally quicker. Manufacturers of this packaging style use a strong, sturdier glue than the commercial glue, which you apply manually on its other alternative boxes. 

Below are a few questions to ask before choosing auto-bottom tray boxes as your brand’s signature packaging style. 

Is There Any Better Alternative to Custom Tray Boxes?

You must consider the alternative options to this packaging style. If you think it can suit your product better, then it’s time to replace the idea of auto-bottom boxes with a better choice. We have also discussed the alternatives to personalized auto bottom tray packaging below. These alternatives can work depending on the type of product you sell. For example, the tuck-top boxes are perfect for bakery items. 

Tuck top boxes

You can usually find this packaging style in bakeries. It has a flat bottom and sidewalls of double thickness. At the same time, you can open it upwards through a tuck-in feature. 

123 bottom boxes

These boxes look distinctive from all other packaging types. They have a separate opening from the top side, while the sideways are also locked as a tuck-in. The bottom is flat like other cartons. They are also a type of auto-bottom box with a display but more solid and machine-ready. 

What is The Type of the Products You Are Selling?

The type of products you sell also matters while finalizing custom display trays as your brand’s packaging style. Suppose you are selling heavy items needing extra care while handling them; this type of box is ideal. The tray boxes are durable to withstand heavy weights. You can use them to pack cosmetic items, perfumes, metal-based commodities, etc.

What is Your Approach to Filling the Boxes?

If your warehouse has an automated packaging system, the custom auto bottom tray boxes wholesale will be a perfect choice. They will easily get compatible with the system. Unlike other options that require some extra manual effort, even in the presence of an automated setup.

Moreover, these boxes are equally well for manual packaging. It’s not difficult to make them ready to fill the products. You can conveniently pop it open without having to fold the bottom. Even filling these boxes requires no extraordinary struggles and is much quicker than other alternatives. 

Disadvantages of Personalized Auto Bottom Tray Packaging 

Although tray boxes seem like a perfect packaging choice, they have some drawbacks. Let’s sneak peek into the two major cons of using custom display trays in a retail business. 

  • The production duration of these boxes is longer due to their glue-ready bottom. 
  • It may not be a cost-effective option considering the high rates due to the use of special glue. 

Wrapping Up 

Auto bottom boxes with displays aren’t for every business. Many things influence whether it’s the right packaging style for your brand or whether you need to go for an alternative. You can contact the manufacturing company to decide whether it would be a revenue-generating decision for you. 

We have also stated a few questions to help you effectively clear this confusion. If used appropriately, custom display trays can completely change the fate of your business. 

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