7 reasons to choose the Cambridge International Lower Secondary program

Parents do their best to give their children a good education and school environment. Thus picking a school for your child during such a critical stage of development requires careful consideration of all the variables.

Cambridge International Lower Secondary is a program focusing on the child and its comprehensive development. The program was conceived to develop the students’ competencies, knowledge, creativity, and life skills. Students who attend this program develop fundamental skills required for success outside the school. This personalized program gives them numerous opportunities for further development in education.

You can give your child the most contemporary world-class education in a school in Japan at reasonable prices. Your child will also receive an internationally recognized diploma after completing secondary school and passing all their tests. Thus opening the doors to the most prominent colleges in the world to them.

Following are the top reasons why you should choose a cambridge lower secondary programme for your child:

Lessons are in English

Studying in English increases pupils’ opportunities. As students advance in their understanding of English, the Cambridge International Lower Secondary Program allows them to comprehend novel ideas and increases their self-confidence in speaking. The quality of a language’s future practical application in communication is improved by introducing it to children while they are still very young.

Natural continuation from primary education

Students can actively follow the curriculum intended for the time between primary and secondary education at Cambridge International Lower Secondary. This makes it possible for students to transition more quickly and successfully from lower levels of education to higher levels.

More possibilities for further education

The concept of the Cambridge International Lower Secondary Program is such that it encourages an open community. This objective is achieved by teaching in the most commonly used language across the world. This strategy is effective because it makes it simple to pursue further education anywhere in the world. Communication is essential, and it is crucial to give pupils additional opportunities for success.

A variety of different subjects

The Cambridge International Lower Secondary Curriculum has been designed according to global education standards. It contains a broad range of subjects. As a result, it offers students various challenges and prepares them for the range of future opportunities that this program will open up.

A variety of significant subjects are covered in the program as well, including global perspectives, digital literacy, and art and design.

Global community with credibility

A student enters the Cambridge Pathway after enrolling in the Cambridge International Lower Secondary program. Thus, joining the more than 10,000 schools in more than 160 nations that make up the global student community. As a result of promoting an international and multicultural outlook, students are better prepared for success in a world that is constantly changing. The fundamental goal of this program is to respect local culture while keeping in mind the student’s place in the larger world.

Lessons tailored to age

The age range covered by each Cambridge International Lower Secondary curriculum is 11 to 14 years old, or, in this module, Years 7 to 9. Depending on when they begin the program, lessons are tailored to students’ age, requirements, and competencies.

Preparation for IGCSE exams

Students advance to the Upper Secondary curriculum when they are 14 years old. The culminating qualification for the Cambridge program—the IGCSE exams in Year 11—requires two years of preparation. A thorough study plan for these tests during the next period is provided by Cambridge International Lower Secondary. Thus, enabling students to pass them and effectively continue their Cambridge program education successfully.

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